Our company

About us

Our company designs and manufactures steel hyperbaric chambers used for oxygen and recompression therapies. We also carry out controls and inspections for their revalidation.

We understand hyperbaric medicine as a return to the essential: to breathe, to what gives us life. And we take a breath of fresh air to start every single project knowing that we are helping and contributing towards the community.

Our lifelong experience in the metal mechanic industry in pressure vessels gives us the necessary strength to position ourselves in the leading market. We assume this responsibility, and we collaborate with spreading awareness of the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as an additional treatment.

Transparency and honesty are the key terms in our company. We look for appropriate solutions to fulfill our client’s needs and purposes.

Mission and vision

Our purpose is to genuinely contribute to our environment to make a positive impact in people’s lives. This is our mission. Every work we do entails commitment and quality. We are proud that our clients are the ones that represent us.

Work harder, grow as a company, and strive for excellence. Our vision is to be our best version every day, and we use that to trace the path we want to follow to continue growing as professionals and, above all, as people.


We base our values on three fundamental pillars: transparency, consistency and excellence.


Our clients are the ones that represent us, and they show the long-lasting relations we promote and the honesty with which we work. We deliver what we commit to on the stipulated time.


We seek the equal development of our workers as well as that of our clients. We offer effective solutions in challenging projects.


We develop successful practices and meet quality standards in each of our processes.

We achieve the highest quality standards

All chambers are made of carbon steel, conforming to ASME PVHO 1-2 of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers guidelines, as it is the reliable and worldwide recognized source of high global quality standards.

We are the only company authorized by the National Administration of Drugs, Foods and Medical Devices of Argentina (ANMAT, for its Spanish acronym) to manufacture carbon steel hyperbaric chambers for medical use.

We are members of the Divers Alert Network (DAN), the most recognized and respected dive safety organization in the world. DAN has been committed to the health and well-being of divers for over 40 years, so we use their expertise to inspire us and learn from it.

The UNDERSEA AND HYPERBARIC MEDICAL SOCIETY (UHMS) is the organization that researches, establishes and controls the current regulations on hyperbaric medicine. This international organization has more than 2000 members from over 50 countries, which brings together physicians and scientists working in hyperbaric and diving medicine. It is the worldwide leading organization by excellence.

At national level, the Argentine Society of Hyperbaric Medicine and Underwater Activities (SAMHAS, for its Spanish acronym) has been working since 1985 promoting clinical, experimental and educational studies, as well as the circulation of Hyperbaric Medicine information. The most important leaders of hyperbaric medicine are associated with this organization.